The Technic League

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The Technic League is a remarkably paranoid group. Made up of arcane researchers and power-seekers from all over Golarion, the League does its best to keep the secrets of the Silver Mount and its technology for itself. Freelance adventurers get started as Scopics, and some work their way up the clearance ranks until the information they know is too precious to be allowed outside the League, at which point they have to decide whether to join a Cogitos/Armos team or be banished from Starfall forever. Most who choose to join the League are dead within a month of joining their first team.

There are two branches of the Technic League (each with its own prestige class!):

Cogitos members are powerful spellcasters and researchers. Each Cogitos has a research team working under him or her, and is expected to make regular progress reports at Convergences. Most Cogitos carefully learn and guard what secrets they can, exposing only minimal information to the rest of the League, hoping to advance their own personal goals. Some do work with one another, but ironically for an organization that claims to be dedicated to research and uncovering knowledge, being cooperative is sometimes an occupational hazard in the League.

The Armos branch was formed when a team of adventurers was found deep under the Silver Mount surface, having bonded their bodies to cybernetic augmentations. Rather than simply kill them, the Technic League offered them jobs and created a new branch that would be more capable of dealing with the numerous threats found within the Mount. The Cogitos are more than happy to have willing subjects for the Silver Mount’s more dangerous technology, and the Armos exult in gaining powerful augmentations unknown to other warriors on Golarion.

The Technic League

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