Riordan Soleratov-Detrovsky

Master Duelist from Brevoy


Riordan Soleratov-Detrovsky is last surviving member of House Detrovsky and heir to the Soleratov Swordsmanship School. He was born to Lord Grigori Detrovsky, who held a hereditary position as Peaceward of Baron Keildn Jakov, a vassal to the Royal House of Surtova. His mother, Sonya Soleratov was blademistress of her own school. But as the youngest of three, Riordan was meant for neither soldiering nor swordplay. His service was to be of a different nature.

Following family tradition he was promised to the Church of Abadar and from an early age he was raised in a small monastery outside his family’s estate on the western edge of Lake Reykal in Brevoy. His childhood was peaceful if not boring, full of quiet meditation and learning. He was placed under the care of a Anton Yurilov, a young scribe who taught him to value the written language. It was through his duties as a scribe’s assistant that he discovered his first cantrip in a dusty old tome he was cataloging for the archives. He dutifully copied the page and followed the arcane formulae diligently during his private hours. Within a few short days he had mastered his first spell and fortuitously gained the ability to magically light his room in the wee hours of the night that I might study more. Such would have been his life, but for a series of tragedies that befell his family.

In his ninth year, his eldest brother disappeared while travelling in Taldor. No manner of scrying or divination could locate him and his parents nearly bankrupted the family in the search. Not six months later, his sister, a talented swordswoman but renown drunk, was maimed in a duel and was rendered unable to wield a sword. Robbed of a successor to both family traditions, his parents reclaimed him from the monastery and began his tutelage in the martial disciplines as well as the value of loyalty and honor. To his astonishment and his parent’s infinite pride, he took to these lessons as easily as he had sagecraft and by the time he had attained my majority he had developed quite the reputation in the dueling circles of New Stetven. Despite his successes he longed for the day when he could travel to Restov to test his blade against the famed Aldori and Taldan fencing schools there. But this was not to be.

In Riordan’s twenty third year, Baron Jakov was charged with high treason against the Royal House of Surtova. After refusing to travel to New Stetven to answer for his alleged crimes he was tried in absentia and a large force of Surtovan soldiers were sent to arrest him. As Peaceward, it was Riordan’s father’s duty to lead Baron Jakov’s men-at-arms in his liege’s defense. The battle was brief and bloody. Both Baron and Peaceward were slain on the field and the Baron’s surviving retainers, Riordan’s mother and sister included, were slated for execution as accessories to treason. Riordan was spared this fate only through the intercession of Father Anton, the once young scribe from the monastery long ago, now risen to prominence in the Church of Abadar.
Riordan Soleratov-Detrovsky was instead given the lesser sentence of exile. With little left to him but the clothes on his back, the gear in his pack, and his mother’s sword at his hip, he joined a supply caravan headed west into Numeria to seek his fortune and to forget his past.

Riordan Soleratov-Detrovsky

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